At Camwood, our end goal is to produce a win-win situation for all of our stakeholders. For this reason, long-term viability is a key focus. This allows us to develop the transformative improvements and strategic direction that will ensure your company is built to last, post-acquisition.

Our Acquisition Strategy

At Camwood Capital, we look for high-quality companies that are unloved and undervalued. We leverage the unique strengths of each company and their customer franchises while also mitigating some of the common business risk issues associated with smaller, lower-middle market companies.

These companies, both current and future, must have established operations and cost models, or an ability for us to improve them significantly. Another element for us is an emphasis on sector diversification. This gives long-term sustainability to our portfolio as a whole in order to be successful throughout business cycles. There is no ceiling, or floor, on the number of acquisitions—rather capitalizing on valuable opportunities as they present themselves.

Strong Leadership

Camwood is a buyout firm that specializes in acquiring, and subsequently operating, companies at the bottom-end of the lower middle market. This involves our capital markets, leveraged transactions, operations, and management expertise.


Your business is your baby. That's why we prioritize each seller's unique buyout, transition, and continuity concerns. We also thoroughly understand the importance of, and maintain, strict confidentiality through the entire transaction process.

Conservative Approach

The conservative use of debt capital is one of the enhancements of our investment returns, but is most certainly not the driver. We usually do not wade into distressed situations, and even a turnaround situation for us involves an above break-even track record.

Investment Criteria

Proven Operational Performance and Strong Cost Model

Located in North America, Primarily in the U.S.

Control Investments

Family or Founder-Owned Businesses

Revenues of $5MM to $75MM+

EBITDA of $2MM to $6MM

Investment Size of $2mm to $20mm

Strong Existing Management Team

Manufacturing Long-Term Success

We work with companies in a variety of industries but we have a unique interest in the manufacturing industry, with many combined years of expertise in the following:

Operations strategy development and execution plans
ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality management systems
Just-in-time and lean manufacturing methodologies
Design, effective implementation, and execution of broad-based performance measurement systems